No Meetings? Time for Nuance.

Okay, we have 1,200 words in the Washington Times in which there is word that JF Kerry did not meet "with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking" before the vote on 1441 in October of 2002. The paper found that, as far as is recalled, Kerry met with the ambassadors from France, Singapore, and Cameroon. He did not meet with the ambassadors from Bulgaria, Columbia, and Mexico. The U.N. has no record of the U.N.S.C. sitting down with JF. Some ambassadors don't recall having ever met him.

JF Kerry is a liar. If he told the truth about his mother's dying words, she told him: "Integrity, integrity, integrity." He's built much of his campaign around "BUSH LIED," and he's stated as a matter of fact that his Presidency would be remembered for telling "truth to the American people."

The campaign now is dismissing the story as nothing, which must be done until it gains traction. When it grows wings, it's time to nuance. Kerry can say that he met with and talked to representative ambassadors, which is more than President Bush did. Kerry can say he tried to be a constructive part of the process, and the details are not as relevant as the substance. And Kerry can say: "Do you want to talk about being straight with the American people? Where are the weapons of mass destruction?" (Bob Shrum used that line frequently on Sunday morning.)

"Karl Rove... uuuuuhhhh... Halliburton!"

Put this story in the hands of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, though, and you have Kerry going behind his country's back and attempting to conduct bilateral diplomacy with France then lying about it and calling it multilateral talks with the entire security council. And they ought to be able to get an ad out of it.

From this end: When the facts don't fit the model JF Kerry needs to be elected, he or his crew either deny and contradict them or simply invent new ones.




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