Newspaper Endorsements for October 31

Not many people vote based on whom a newspaper endorses, but such exercises in editorial advocacy are an opportunity for a paper's editorial staff to let the world know what they think. The Associated Press reports 11 endorsements made on Sunday.

Of those 11, JF Kerry managed four, with President Bush receiving the remaining seven. Of the eleven, the most notable is from the Providence Journal, Senator Linc Chafee's hometown paper. Chafee, of course, is the Republican Senator who has said that he would not vote for the President.



So, according to Editor and Publisher, that brings the following ptotals:

Kerry: 208 papers, 20 million circulation
Bush: 169 papers, 14 million circulation

Bush/2000 to Kerry/2004: 43
Bush/2000 to no endorsement: 16
Gore/2000 to Bush/2004: 7

By Blogger Gary, at November 1, 2004 at 2:13 AM  

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