Nazis Planned to Rebuild Auschwitz

From an Associated Press piece:
Nazi officials planned to move the Auschwitz gas chambers to a concentration camp in Austria as the Germans retreated westward from the Soviet army near the end of World War II, a magazine reported Sunday.

While SS chief Heinrich Himmler gave orders to raze the gas chambers and crematoriums at Auschwitz in the fall of 1944 to erase evidence of the Nazis' crimes, new historical research shows that officials sent at least some of the equipment to the Mauthausen camp for reuse, the Der Spiegel weekly said.
Reading that gives me chills.

The researchers drew their conclusions from survivors' accounts and correspondence. I have studied that German National Socialist government and the Holocaust and, though I am scarcely an expert, it does sound in keeping with the Nazis mutant mode of thought that they would plan to relocate what they considered to be a quasi-factory, maintaining that its operations were important to their Reich.

I am not drawing an exact parallel between Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, as Hitler's inhumanity and evil was historically singular in its focus and methodology, but madmen rebuild. Hitler was prevented from rebuilding. Saddam was prevented from rebuilding.



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