Minds Made Up

"Insight" from the New York Times:
"I'm a Bush supporter," said Mr. [Republican Jeff] Voorhees, who is 60. "And they didn't change my mind."

Mr. [Democrat Tim] Waddell, 47, peered at him from across the table. "I'm a Kerry supporter," he said. "And they didn't change my mind."
Sure thing, Vern. They should have been a focus group.

Okay, that's Iowa. No persuadable voters at all in that Des Moines coffee shop. No love lost.

Here's the thing. With absentee ballots, many people cannot change their mind after their X marks the Spot months in advance. These could be the lazy voters who can't be bothered to go to the polls, the "purchased" voters who let campaign workers fill the ballots for them, and those voters who actually had to be absent.

If someone did not come into this election with a pretty definite pick, they were told two stories of each candidate. The choice should be obvious to anyone – and I am talking about competence in the war on terror, including Iraq, alone. There could be those, however, uncertain whether to take a chance with a guy who says he can make everything okay or to stick with a guy who seems to be doing okay but not fast enough.

Tax cuts (property rights) have always been a big sell with me, but this year they are trumped by the war on terror. It is immediate. The picture of the future the President has painted is a desirable one, with each nation united if only in their form of government: democracy. Kerry offers living and dealing with the problem, maybe it will get tired and go away on its own.

Can this be an election on not just the January elections in Iraq but whether we think Iraq will ever be a self-sustaining member of the community of civilized nations? If this is possible in Iraq, why not anywhere.

I haven't changed my mind, either.



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