McCaffrey on what "he could have/should have said"

My friend Jim McCaffrey speculated in e-mail about what he would like to have heard the President say last night. With permission, I'll share:

Kerry wails about standing by the troops as the most important thing, etc.
Bush: I hope he'd do better job at that, than he did in 1971.

Kerry on colossal errors, wrong war, etc.
Bush: Kerry should know wars aren't something you neatly lay-out before hand. See if you could, he maybe would never have had to go to Vietnam in the first place. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson could have wrapped that one up, and put the ribbon on it,,,, long before the Senator had to go.

Kerry in outrage about us developing nuke bunker buster bombs. "This is America!. Not if I'm President!"
Bush: Kerry has always been in favor of disarmament. He didn't even want to arm our troops in the field in Iraq. He'd send the cops out with pop-guns. Remember though, if we followed his disarmament policy, the Soviets would still be in business. We develop only the tactical weapons that we believe we might need to defend America some day. If we don't that's great. But I intend for us to be ready. If he wants to equate our armaments, which are used only to maintain world order, with those of Iraq or North Korea, he can go ahead, but not while I'm President!

Kerry: We had bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora.
Bush: He better talk to General Franks about that one. It's not true.

He also wants the President to insist that Kerry not focus solely on al Qaeda and "their favorite bogey-man bin Laden." The threat is a lot bigger than, and they all want to do the same thing.

  • I'll add that if the President had ordered General Franks, against his military advice and better judgment, to send our troops into Tora Bora in search of OBL, we might have lost a few thousand soldiers and come away with nothing. And even if OBL had been taken out back in 2001, we'd still face just as dangerous a terror menace.


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