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According to a Washington Post tracking poll shows that 64-percent of those surveyed feel it was wrong for JF Kerry to identify Mary Cheney as a lesbian, compared with 33-percent who believe he should have said what he did.

It was the wrong poll. When I considered Kerry's loutish comment, I was more concerned with the use of the way her name was used than with her being identified as a lesbian. It had been widely know, not secret.

Raven Dare (And Rightly So…) sees it similarly:
She said to me: "It's not that they mentioned Cheney's daughter's sexuality-this has been a known fact for years among same sex partnerships. This is about the character of any candidate who would use this info as some sort of talking point. Both Kerry and Edwards knew it would become a media issue. I resent this and cannot offer my vote for men who would do this for their own personal gain."
This is what people like the Log Cabin Republicans, Human Rights Campaign, and Andrew Sullivan don't get it. If they want to attack the hypocrisy of a President whom they see as using homosexuals, as a group, as a political issue, that is not reason to approve of the usage of a gay individual, "one of them," to score political points.

It is crass, but Kerry wants to be President. He will do, say, and be anything whenever it is required in order to win.



Most of the people complaining about this seem to think there is something wrong with being gay. There is not. You will find precious few gays who think there is anything wrong with Kerry's statement.

Heck, it was one of the few times that night that either candidate answered the question! Nothing wrong with that, either.

By Blogger Phil Anderson, at October 20, 2004 at 7:09 PM  

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