Less Violence after US Election?

Former Centcom chief General Tommy Franks told an AP interviewer in Reno that he expects the violence in Iraq to diminish after the November 2 U.S. elections:
"I believe they (insurgents) are influenced by what they see in our media," he told The Associated Press. "They see if they blow something up it's front-page news ... (and) the presidential candidates will talk about it.

"After Nov. 2, that dynamic will leave. The problem won't go away, but it'll be diminished ... This will be a long process, but there will come a time when the insurgents have less opportunity to create mischief for us," he said.
Note that he did not assert that the insurgents were attempting to influence the U.S. election in JF Kerry's favor, but it can be inferred. He mentioned the Presidential candidates talking about it, which is almost always Kerry making his case for quagmire, chaos, etc. By perpetrating violence, the insurgents could be pushing for the President's democratic ouster. After all, it would be easy for them to believe Kerry would better serve their cause, as he's promised to pull our troops from Iraq at an arbitrary date rather than when the insurgents are defeated.



Tommy Franks knows the situation and what's at stake better than anyone. The bottom line is that Iraqis must secure themselves. U.S forces should only be playing a supporting role to both the Iraqi government and the existing police forces.

Having democratic governments in the region is powerful and will provide a vaccine against terror recruiting in the long term.

John Kerry's plan puts us back in reactive mode; waiting for terrorist to hit us rather than seeking its causes and eliminating them. You can't police the terrorists, they have nothing to lose. To beat them, we must be proactive in putting barriers in place that roll back their strategies.

This is a point that Richard Clarke never seemed to understand. His approach was to try to catch them in the act or before they struck rather than crippling their cause from the start.See article

By Blogger Maury Blackman, at October 11, 2004 at 7:01 PM  

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