Labor Department models have Bush winning

Jason Smith at Blogs for Bush tells of some staff at the Labor Department have run some models which show the President winning by more than the polls indicate.
The report says Bush's win of the popular vote could be 57.5 percent, 55.7 percent or 51.2 percent.
Hey, it's a decent thought. Kerry reached his maximum threshold of support weeks ago, and the only real swing left is toward the President.

Kerry says he's going to track down and kill Osama bin Laden "and all the terrorists." Bin Laden is yesterday's news. The man we saw in the vid this afternoon acted more like a professor than a chief jihadist. He has been castrated.

How will he find the time and moneyto socialize health care if he's going to put a serious effort capturing and killing "all the terrorists" one-by-one. As new mutants are produced, and we go on the Kerry-go-round?

He won't.


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