Kewl News from Iraq

Citing Iraqi newspapers in Arabic, Omar at Iraq the Model reports that various tribes throughout Iraq say that they are prepared to rid Fallujah of terrorists. These people want to participate in the upcoming elections.

Eric Lindholm (Viking Pundit) links a story in which Marine reservists returning to the Twin Cities of Minnesota after 7-months in Iraq are unanimous in praising the President.

Gunnery Sgt. Chasen Getty, 34, of Coon Rapids, said he was "kind of neutral" but is leaning toward Bush. "I like Bush," he said. On the subject of Iraq, Getty said, "There's a lot of hope over there."
Once he starts following the things currently being said by JF Kerry, there is little chance he'll switch candidates.

Contrary to Kerry, there's hope. JF Kerry ought to visit Iraq and talk to the people there, both coalition and Iraqi. It would do more for him than any bus tour of the Midwest, if it goes his way and the Iraqis pledge their animus, the troops suffer in despair, and there's a terrorist on every corner. Of course, it would backfire if Iraq is nothing like he asserts.



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