Kerry's constituency: Britain's left

JF Kerry's subliminal campaign to win over global lefties has managed to convince the Brit lefty broadsheet The Guardian to compel its readers to write to American voters in Clark County, Ohio, telling them to vote against President Bush for reasons peculiar to Americans. Remember, this campaign is anti-Bush, pro-Kerry only by default.

Clark County voters responded with indignance.

Non-rabid Brits understand:
"We all feel it is not a good idea. I think it was unwise. It is so poorly thought-out," said Sharon Manitta, spokeswoman in Britain for Democrats Abroad….

"We know that in many ways this is the world's election, and we understand the passion and concern in many parts of the world over it -- but I wonder how people here in the UK would react to Americans telling them how to vote," Democrats Abroad's Manitta said.

"This will certainly garner more votes for George Bush. I have strongly advised other media entities who have come to me and suggested this against doing so," she added.
Here's a Limbaugh transcript in which he speaks to a caller whose daughter received a letter from the British left, a grandmother who pleaded that "my family and I depend on you, please don't let the rest of humanity down. Please vote for Mr. Kerry."

This is the kind of tacky politics which one associates with Democrats and their 527s. I guess we can add to that, their foreign agents.



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