John Kerry: Lion Tamer

JF Kerry evidently got his goose this AM, and Mike McCurry had something to say:
``We are in that stage of the campaign where in addition to substantively closing the argument, we want people to have a better sense of John Kerry the guy,'' senior adviser Mike McCurry said.
Kerry has been spending tens of millions on ads all year trying to introduce himself to America. He gave up his previous attempted incarnations and reintroduced himself as a Vietnam Vet at the Democratic National Convention last July.

There he was last May, in what was described as, at the time, the largest Dem ad buy ever, introducing himself with two autobiographical ads. The debates were seen as a chance for the voters to get to know JF Kerry.

Kerry's voters don't have to know him; he's not George W. Bush, and that is enough. But Kerry is not really anything. He's like a though you think you have at the tip of your tongue but is irretrievable because it was never properly formulated.

I'm waiting for the guy to get out his chair and whip and prove to the American people that he is a lion tamer. Married to Mama T, he just might be able to pull it off.

Not bad for an alter boy. [a pun]



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