John Kerry the "Arrogant American"

  • Jeff Jacoby mentions it in his September 12 column. Said JF Kerry to Don Imus back in 1997:
    "The Iraqi Army is in such bad shape now," Kerry said, "even the Italians could kick their butts."
    On December 3 of that year, the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ) of the Order Sons of Italy in America issued a statement:
    "Be advised that your senseless and inane comment. . . is a disgrace not only to Italy. . . but relegated to ridicule the tens of thousands of Italian Americans who gave their lives in defense of our country," CSJ President Angelo R. Bianchi said in a letter to Kerry. Bianchi said that by his statement, Kerry has asserted "a negative stereotype of Italian Americans which certainly is contrary to the principles upon which this nation was founded."
    Is this How to make friends and influence people, by JF Kerry?

    The man is not a master diplomat. He ridicules countries he deems puny and insignificant, which is most of the non-Old European world. This is the stereotype of the "Arrogant American" about whom the left loves to rail.

    The man is not a master diplomat, and I'm afraid I have to repeat a "Karl Rove talking point." How is Kerry going to sell diplomatically an effort he believes is a mistake? How can he expect to gain international cooperation, something which will require international sacrifice, for something with which he disagrees? How does Kerry ask the world to be the last person to die for a "mistake"?

    Only an Arrogant American would insist that he could.


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