John Edwards on ABC's This Week

See today's Rightsided Newsletter for John Edwards's appearances on Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, Face the Nation, and Late Edition. This interview was basically the same.

The Afghanistan election, he said, was not a vindication of Bush policy there because of drug lords, war lords, Osama bin Laden, Tora Bora, etc. He talked about his plan to have lawsuits reviewed by a panel of experts. He said his health care plan has "not a single new government program in it." This President has done nothing about it in the last four years.

Steph played clips of Kerry and Edwards mocking the President, whom after he was asked if he'd made mistakes couldn't name one. (In truth, the President named one: Some of his appointments.) Edwards's own mistakes were voting for Rod Paige as Secretary of Education, voting for the Iraq war because there were no WMD, the vote was the right thing to do, "it was the wrong thing to do for the President to make the mistakes he made." Edwards said his mistake was "believing there were weapons of mass destructions." That's two. He said to give him time, and he could think of another one.

From the RSN. These things were also discussed on This Week:

On MTP, Host Russert asked vice presidential candidate John Edwards about the elections in Afghanistan. "It's a good thing to see elections take place, but there are still very serious problems in Afghanistan to this day." He said that President Bush has allowed drug lords and warlords to take over the country. When asked if Kerry would do anything differently, Edwards said that NATO would take care of the security problems.

[ . . .]
Edwards [on Face the Nation] discussed his being a personal injury attorney in this way: "John [Kerry] and I have always fought for regular Americans against large corporations." Besides, he said, lawsuits account for "less than one percent" of health care costs. (At the last debate, Kerry used "one half of one percent.") He explained their plan, something Kerry was unable to do Friday. A "panel of experts" will review each case before it is filed and determine whether or not it is meritorious. I'd like to ask an attorney about this idea. It seems to have several problems.

Read the rest at the link above.

Ken Mehlman and Joe Lockhart argued on TW after this.

New from this? Lockhart admitted: "John Kerry is not afraid of Don Imus."



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