JF Kerry's Press Conference

This afternoon, JF held a press conference, and I caught the end of it. He said that the danger of Saddam Hussein was a "fiction" created by President Bush; later, he said that Saddam Hussein was dangerous. When called on this instant-equivocation by a reporter, Kerry became professorial, explaining that there are different degrees of threat.

He accused the President of firing General Eric Shinseki for suggesting that we would need more troops on the ground in post-invasion Iraq. In truth, Shinseki had announced his retirement long before he made that statement.

Kerry repeated a Joe Biden remark, saying that he did not know if he could keep his campaign promises regarding Iraq as he didn't know what he would find when he took office. As has Biden, Kerry suggested that he might find "another Lebanon."

A reporter suggested that the new WMD report had found that Saddam Hussein would have reconstituted his WMD programs if we didn't invade and the sanctions were allowed to "fritter away." Kerry asserted that "we wouldn't let 'em fritter away." That, he said, was good diplomacy.

WRONG. Here is a statement by a Spokesperson for the French Foreign Affairs Ministry from February 26, 2001:
We share Norway's analysis of the sanctions on Iraq. Let me remind you that on February 22, after his meeting with his Norwegian counterpart, Mr. [former French Foreign Minister Hubert] VĂ©drine stated that what we really need right now is a policy that doesn't cause the Iraqi people to suffer in any way. On the other hand, we need a policy that is not strictly speaking a sanctions policy, but must be a policy of international vigilance and monitoring of the Iraqi regime and any possible prohibited undertakings.
It would have been Kerry versus France, just as it was Bush versus France.

And here's Vedrine calling for the end of sanctions in August of 2001. And another.

Here we have then-President Clinton blocking a move by France, Russia, and the Peoples Republic of China to lift the sanctions against Iraq.

And there is JF Kerry against the world. But he has said he wouldn't have that -- ergo, he'd have followed the lead of the will of the allies he counts, and he'd have abandoned the sanctions and our own national security.

When the facts don't fit the model JF Kerry needs to be elected, he or his crew either deny and contradict them or simply invent new ones.



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