JF Kerry: BC04 is "pathetic"

One wonders if JF Kerry reads this blog and has decided to turn the tables. I have referred to his pitiful campaign as "pathetic," and now he states the same claim for the President's use of his "Global Test" remark.
[I]f they were honest enough to give America the full quote, which America heard, they would know that I'm never going to allow America's security to be outsourced. That's the job of the president.
In the full quote, Kerry said that he would never leave decisions involving U.S. security to foreign governments. Following saying that, he contradicted himself by saying that it would have to pass a Global Test.

Kerry's use of the term "outsourced" is pathetic, in that it is the term he falsely applied to allowing the Afghan tribal fighters to take Tora Bora back in 2001.

His campaign is still bleeding all over itself.



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