IT's… Wictory Wednesday

This is the final pre-election Wictory Wednesday. The W has been for W.

The President is running a positive commercial, while Kerry is complaining of a mess, incompetence, and silence.

There is hope. Let's for now dispense with the nay-saying and the nay-sayers. JF can return to being the mediocre junior Senator from a small, liberal State, distinguished by nothing. We'll soon be able to forget about him and resume where we were before the campaign, ignoring him.

And President Bush has his work cut out for him in the coming term. Godspeed, Mr. President.

Although you can no longer donate directly to the Bush campaign, you can contribute to the Republican National Committee HERE. This will be used for the cause of reelecting the President.

And click HERE (page down to #3) for a list of participating Wictory Wednesday bloggers.



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