Iraqis on our Election

Iranian reporter Borzou Daragahi has sold a piece to the Washington Times which purports to give the Iraqis take on Tuesday's election. For the Times, he writes about the Iraqi resistance's Anti-Bush sentiment and their attacks calculated to influence the direction of our election. An Iraqi professor , Mohammad Amin Bashar, even has so pro-Kerry words, saying that the Dem will bring in the U.N. and make everything alright.

Iranian reporter Borzou Daraghi has sold a piece to the San Francisco Chronicle which uses material from his Times story and some new material to make the point that opinion in Iraq about the U.S. election is mixed, and some foreigners in the Iraqi resistance would like for Bush to win for recruiting purposes.

Iranian reporter Borzou Daraghi has a web site: Borzou.com. These two stories show us that one can distort something either which way with a little nuance.



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