The Houston Chronicle expects John Edwards to discuss Halliburton during this evening's Veep debate, and why not? Halliburton has been morphed into Enron and corporate greed, falling wages, lost jobs, starvation, homelessness.

U.S. Sen. John Edwards, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate and former trial lawyer, is expected to use Halliburton as Exhibit A to argue his case that President Bush's administration "squeezes the middle class while taking care of the powerful and well-connected," said [the controversial] Joe Lockhart, spokesman for the John Kerry-Edwards ticket.

What if there were no Halliburton? We'd need to have a company which performs its services to the energy economy, so probably some smart people would start such a company, do the work, and earn money. And if this company had a CEO who made for a good vice president, then then Edwards could complain about them. The cycle is silly.



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