The Grave of the Babe

Is the Bambino a higher power? There is only one God, but the answer is: psychologically, yes.

The fanatics filed past Ruth's grave in the Gate of Heaven Cemetary.
"I'm not superstitious," he insisted. "I try to stop by every year, especially when we're playing the Red Sox, to say a couple of prayers, make sure Babe and his buddies get to Yankee Stadium tonight," he [Yankees fan Phil DeGasperis] said.

Then he turned to the monument and said, "We want you to do your thing, Babe! Wake up Lou and Joe and Mickey," meaning Gehrig and DiMaggio and Mantle.
Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield has been a Yankee Killer – but see: Aaron bleepin' Boone – while Yanks starter Kevin Browne is a superior pitcher. Sox catcher Jason Varitek probably won't play, as he's not the knuckler Wakefield's personal catcher.

The Yankees will not lose.



Lowe is pitching, not Wake...so Varitek is in the game.

I Wish you and your Yankees luck, you need it. Their desperation tactics didn't work last night and the umps aren't going to hand it to them like decades past...so they might have to win it fair and square.


By Blogger Paul, at October 20, 2004 at 8:01 PM  

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