Gays and the Military

The Log Cabin Republicans are filing suit Tuesday in Los Angeles District Court against President Clinton's 1993 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for homosexuals in the military. (The military won't ask a soldier if he or she is gay; if the soldier doesn't tell anyone, things are fine.)
"This case is fundamentally about correcting a misguided governmental policy based on prejudice toward gay and lesbian Americans," he [Log Cabin attorney Marty Meekins] added.
Log Cabin political director Christopher Barron implies that the lawsuit is being filed for patriotic reasons: "We are a nation fighting a war on terror and we need a policy that protects our national security." A strange statement, that was, disconnected from reality. His claim is that having open homosexuals in the military protects our national security, when arguments from the military itself inform us that if anything, the policy would have the opposite effect.

President Bush has let the Clinton policy continue, while Kerry would force the military to allow gays to serve openly.



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