From the Sunday Morning Shows

Here are some of the most significant bits, I think, from this morning's Rightsided Newsletter:

  • From Meet the Press: Shrum called JF Kerry's exploitation of the Vice President's daughter in the last debate: "a positive and constructive comment." Turning Lynne Cheney's criticism around, he called the Cheneys' objections a "cheap and tawdry attack" on JF Kerry, who served his country in Vietnam. (He brought up JF's Vietnam service four times that I counted offhand.) He laughed that "you guys" had lost the debate and were "looking for something to say." Mehlman retorted that it was wrong to bring up the veep's daughter's private life "for political purposes." He said that "like Dean's scream" -- "YAAAAAAAAAARRRRHHHH!!!!!!!!!" – it was a "window into something much larger." The much larger thing, he argued, was that Kerry will do or say anything to be elected President.

  • From the same show: On Tora Bora, Russert mentioned that General Tommy Franks had state clearly that using the Afghan troops to storm Tora Bora was his decision and the right one. Shrum said that despite what Franks said, we should have used our own troops to do this. To back up his claim, he cited General Eric Shinseki, who hasn't said that but whom Shrum again asserted "was retired for saying we need more troops in Iraq." This is perhaps the lie with the most rebirths this campaign season.

  • From Fox News Sunday: Host Wallace played clips of Edwards and Kerry pointing out that Mary Cheney is a lesbian. "Is Mary Cheney the only gay person they know?" he asked, mentioning New Jersey's disgraced Governor Jim McGreevey. Lockhart explained that Kerry and Edwards were merely "celebrating the parenting" of Dick and Lynne Cheney. He accused Lynne Cheney of being "intolerant" for suggesting that JF Kerry was not "a good man." Edwards and Kerry, Lockhart asserted, were merely trying to "reach out." The Republicans, on the other hand, were trying to "break the momentum" Kerry had gained by decisively winning the three debates. [Kerry did not win a single debate. The first one, which he could have taken, he lost by offering BC04 his "global test" remark. – ed.]

  • From Meet the Press: On MTP, the candidates for the U.S. Senate from South Carolina – Republican Representative Jim DeMint and Democrat State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum – had a Russert-debate. They discussed how Tenenbaum is distancing herself from JF Kerry and, indeed, the Democrat Party in Washington. She said: "We had justification for going into Iraq. … We needed to remove Saddam Hussein." Russert asked her about Kerry's "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" – which I think was two war positions ago for Kerry – and she noted: "I have to respectfully disagree with John Kerry on that point."

  • From Face the Nation: [Kerry agent Tad] Devine answered that Kerry had formed a commission with John McCain to deal with corporate welfare, which would roll back the tax breaks there. (The commission existed in the '90s, I think, and also contained some other Senators. The commission is somewhat obscure.) Devine also said that Kerry would raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%.

    Devine added, and this is important: "And he is prepared to roll back the commitments he's made in the campaign." This means that his campaign promises are almost meaningless. This language also was used last week by John Edwards.

    Devine depicted Kerry as something of a go-it-alone maverick in the John McCain mold, saying that he frequently "breaks with his party." He hearkened back to the days of Gramm-Rudman-Hollings for an example of Kerry's non-partisan spirit

  • Same show, with Rudy Giuliani: [TIME mag's Karen] Tumulty brought up Kerry's terrorism as a nuisance remark and asked how it differed from the President's remark to Matt Lauer. Rudy explained that the President had clarified, while the nuisance remark was part of Kerry's pattern of thinking. "It didn't pass Kerry's 'global test' to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait." Terrorism was never a nuisance, he argued, and it was that kind of thinking which made us vulnerable to attack on 9-11.

    The goal has to be total victory over global terrorism." He cited Reagan's goal of total victory over global communism.

  • From CNN's Late Edition: [Commerce Secretary Don] Evans explained that the Household Employment survey – which includes people who work but do not have employers – showed that more people were working now than ever in history. "Kerry wants to ignore 30-million of the workers in the workforce."

    Blitzer appeared not to understand jobs that involve contracting, and he stood his ground. As did Evans.

    Finally, Blitzer spat: "Let's move on, because I can see we're [read: "I'm"] not going to get anywhere with this discussion."

    It was mostly an inter-campaign back-and-forth thing. To read the entire RSN, visit it HERE.


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