From the Soros blog

George Soros has a weblog, of sorts. This morning, he posts an angry letter from a correspondent and his anwer.

The letter, from a Daniel Watkins:
The UNITED STATES of AMERICA was attacked first! We are defending ourselves. Can you name ANY instance where we attacked someone first in the history of our country? We are not the USSR. How can you forget 9-11-01? Shame on you!
Soros's response:
As Senator Kerry pointed out in the first Presidential debate, we were attacked by bin Laden, not by Saddam Hussein. President Bush is responsible for going after the wrong target.
We were attacked on September 11 by Islamic terrorists. Saddam Hussein was perhaps the most dangerous part of that culture. He could have taken these terrorists to the next level, and his downfall has spread the word to other governments in the region – Saudi Arabia, Libya, et al. – that they cannot remain a part of that culture, that they cannot assist the mutants like Osama bin Laden who carried out the actual attacks.

This is War on Terror 101 stuff, but it requires a certain level of conceptual thinking, and Kerry and Soros are doing their best to prove that they're not quite up to it.



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