From NBC's Meet the Press this AM

Taken from a rough draft of the Righsided Newsletter:

To open MTP [Meet the Press, host Russert had on a panel of journalists to discuss the debate and the election. I caught two interesting thoughts from these people.

The US News & World Report senior political correspondent, Roger Simon, suggested that the President had not prepared enough for the debate, that he often seemed to be winging it. (As Bartlett had said on FNS, Kerry “had been preparing his whole life for this debate.”)

From National Review’s Kate O’Beirne came the notion that it must be more difficult to prep are President than a Senator. The preparers can tell Kerry when he’s wrong, but “You’re wrong, Mr. President” is not something which springs readily to the lips. In a backhand way, she seemed to be acknowledging that she thinks that the President was, in part, wrong. That is another sign that things did not go well, when a conservative like Kate thinks he erred is places.



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