The French Plead Not Gulty

The CIA has released Duelfer Report including the list of officials bribed by Saddam Hussein in the Oil For Food program, and the French have responded:
"It is important that we check very closely the truth behind these claims, because as far as we understand it the accusations ... are unverified either with the persons concerned or the authorities of the countries concerned," [French foreign] ministry spokesman Herve Ladsous said.
Okay, and it seems that the White HOuse has again hurt the feelings of the French government:
The French embassy approached the White House and the US State Department to express anger at the way the allegations were made public.

The official said France was particularly unhappy about "the fact that the names of individuals and companies were made public without any apparent attempt to verify the allegations, and without giving them an opportunity to explain themselves."

[ . . . ]
Mentioned in Charles Deulfer's report are former French interior minister Charles Pasqua and Patrick Maugein, an official of the French petroleum company Soco International said to be close to French President Jacques Chirac.
Well, if the Chirac government was involved in the criminality, it is not a surprise that they are attempting protest and denial. If the charges are true, the French government is inarguably reprehensible.a

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The Duelfer Report makes it clear - Saddam corrupted THREE of the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations. This is earth-shattering. The biggest financial scandal in world history has just become its biggest political scandal.

The implications of this are huge! Consider:

1.) Any strategy proposal for the War on Terror relying on "international law", the UN, or bribed "allies" is hopelessly compromised. It would be putting the felons in charge of the prison. Kerry's proposals are smoke.

2.) The revisionist history denouncing the reasons for the war in Iraq are moot. Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleberger said it on FNC this afternoon, "Saddam suborned three members of the Security Council. This fact ALONE justified his removal." (I'm quoting from memory.)

3.) George Bush's Coalition approach is vindicated - he had no other alternative.


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