The Final Kerry Tactics

In Fort Meyers, Florida, Monday AM, John Edwards accused the President of "exploiting a national tragedy [9-11] for personal gain." They did the same to the New York convention. The President shined in the aftermath of September 11, and in the subsequent war against terror, and the Kerry campaign would like to turn the President's strength into a liability.

The President gave a speech in New Jersey this morning where he said that Kerry would lose the war on terror. Kerry advisor and former Clinton crony Richard Holbrooke went on the FOX News Channel following the speech and accused the President of "mischaracterizing" Kerry's positions.

Holbrooke was asked where Kerry would have fought Abu Musab al Zarqawi if not in Iraq. Holbrooke argued that Zarqawi would not be a problem were it not for the invasion of Iraq. "He'd be in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan." If, by Holbrooke's reasoning, Zarqawi would not be a threat if he were in a cave in Afghanistan – and we can debate that line – it follows that Osama bin Laden would also not be a threat if he were, as Kerry holds, in a cave in Afghanistan.

Holbrooke perfectly illustrated the Kerry line on terror. He said that Zarqawi would not be an enemy of the United States because he "was not part of 9-11." He speaks for the candidate, who still wants to treat terrorism as a crime to be punished.



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