Engaging Germany

German Defense Minister Peter Struck told reporters Wednesday that "'it is certainly thinkable that there could be a time perhaps in years when Germany will become engaged [in Iraq]." Many in the U.S. press took this to mean that JF Kerry was right, if he defeats the President next month, the world would be happy to help out.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder [same link] said:
''The German position won't change,'' he said after meeting in Rome with Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

[ . . . ]
Germany's stand ''will remain in the future what it was in the past: There will be no German soldiers in Iraq,'' government spokesman Thomas Steg said in Berlin.
This works against Kerry, in that it is a statement directly from the Germans that his faeries dust won't enchant them, that this is bigger that who is a U.S. President. (Remember, Schroeder defeated Edmund Stoiber in the September, 2002 elections with a fiercely anti-war, anti-American campaign.)

Meanwhile, Germany and France have said "NYET" to allowing NATO to assume control of the military and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.



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