An Election Day Landslide

A few minds changed or made up in several States, large and small, and:
Bush's 222 electoral votes become 331, an electoral landslide.

Kerry's 207 becomes 316, not shabby.
Ron Fournier of AP writes about some of the possible scenarios.

The popular vote could be close, but things could work for a landslide in the Electoral College, and the math makes this much more likely for the President than for the challenger. And I anticipate it. In a very basic sense, I expect an anti-climax for the "down-to-the-wire, neck-and-neck" crowd; but the end of the vote need not be the end of hope for JF Kerry's forces, although it might be the beginning of 150 pushups of futility. Challenges in the close States, vitriol, and what looks to be an obvious mandate becomes "another stolen election" to the dead-enders.



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