Edwards on Meet the Press

Here is a big from the rought draft on today's Rightsided Newsletter, about John Edwards's appearance on NBC's Meet the Press:
Edwards declared that Kerry would have kept sanctions against Iraq in place and used U.S. intelligence "and that of other countries, to keep an eye on what's happening." The Duelfer Report, however, tells us that Saddam had paid off France, Russia, and the People's Republic of China to hamper and remove the sanctions, so if Kerry would have resisted, he would have done so as a "go it alone cowboy." The combined intelligence of the U.S. and other countries is what failed us in the first place.



Funny how Edwards sayst that he'd trust US Intelligence, especially with the hindsight we now have about how poor the quality of it was within Iraq.

By Blogger jaws, at October 10, 2004 at 11:55 AM  

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