Dr. Rice on ABC’s This Week

I’m still crafting the RSN in my head, so this will resemble that more than anything else.

On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos was using presumably innocent viewers in one of his twisted focus groups. He cut from that to asking National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice: “What went wrong [for the President] Thursday night?” She said the same thing she would later say on CNN’s Late Edition, that the President had his opportunity to make his case to the American people, “which he did.”

“The President did what he needed to do,” she said, which was to show the American people that he is a strong leader. So I guess he didn’t have to win the thing.

Steph spent a lot of time on the New York Times article about aluminum tubes. (There was a dispute within the intelligence agencies about whether they were for illegal rockets or for a nuclear centrifuge.) Rice explained that the aluminum tubes were simply one piece of evidence.

Steph kept asking about the gawdforsaken aluminum tubes and finally asked: “Do you now admit that those aluminum tubes were for rockets, not for a nuclear centrifuge?” He had to ask the question about the aluminum tubes twice before she answered: “As I understand, people are still debating it.” The point she wanted to make was regardless of aluminum tubes, or whatever, invading Iraq was the right decision.

Steph noted that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had apologized for the intelligence claim that Saddam possessed WMD. He asked if Bush would do the same, and Rice told him that the decision to invade Iraq was “absolute right.”

Steph tried to defend Kerry’s “Global Test” remark by reading his entire statement, which does not change what was said. Rice explained that if such decisions require unanimous consent in the international community, you would never get anything done.

Steph replied: “We’ll ask Ambassador Richard Holbrooke about that in a few minutes. Thank you, Dr. Rice.”

So Steph promised to have Holbrooke as his next guess to tell us whether or not Dr. Rice was correct. Holbrook was next – the Political Annotation is forthcoming – and I was a little disheartened that Steph did not ask him to assign Dr. Rice a letter grade and ask that he legal guardian sign her report card. The arrogance of these people is chilling.

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