Dick Holbrooke: "We bombed the Serbian people."

Host George Stephanopoulos's second guest on ABC's This Week was former Clinton U.N. ambassador and current Kerry advisor Richard Holbrooke. His role, as Steph had stated at the end of his previous interview, was to rebut the answers of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.

"John Kerry is a true internationalist," he offered.

Steph asked him about the New York Times about aluminum tubes, and Holbrooke said that the article proved that the experts agreed that the tubes were not for a nuclear centrifuge and that Vice President Dick Cheney suppressed this fact.

Steph asked him about the President's remark during the debate that Kerry had the same intelligence as did the President. Holbrooke said that the President had more, better intelligence.

Steph brought up Kerry's equivocation on whether or not the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a mistake. (Kerry had said that it clearly was then later told Jim Lehrer that it wasn't.) Holbrooke had a response: "The President keeps misrepresenting Senator Kerry's position."

Steph played the new BC04 ad regarding "The Kerry Doctrine." Holbrooke chuckled and said that there is no Kerry Doctrine on the issue. The ad is "dishonest," he averred.

When speaking of global alliances, he pointed out that the Clinton Administraiton may not have gotten the U.N. to agree to the war in Bosnia, but they had spent "four excruciating months of negotiations" with NATO member countries before they signed on. He said, "We bombed the Serbian people." He tried to correct himself, but the damage was done. I expect that the media will soon run headlines belittling Holbrooke for his gaffe. (Actually, the won't.)



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