Debating Points

  • Let's assume, for the sake of an argument I hope we do not have to have, that JF Kerry reduces the President to tears tonight. A total and complete victory. Does Kerry win the election? Nope. He'll probably poll better once the media finishes with the President, but there is another debate and another three weeks of campaign to go.

  • Reverse that, and Kerry ends up bawling. Is it over? Nope, although Kerry needs to do well to strengthen his core. He cannot afford to allow doubts to creep into the minds of his new semi-converts.

  • Tonight, we see a relaxed President Bush, and the expectations are low. To be honest, my expectations are low; after what I saw last time, I'm not convinced that we will see the George W. Bush we've seen on the stump. If that's the man who shows up tonight, this could be fun.

  • President Bush is not Ronald Reagan. Remember, thought, that Reagan had to debate President Carter and Fritz Mondale, both of whom were several degrees more intelligent and better spoken than is Kerry.

  • This President has a plan.

  • JF Kerry says he has a plan; in truth, he have several, none of which are actual roadmaps toward anything.

  • I'll post my usual Debate Notes, typed live while the debate happens, after each half hour. Then I'll post the AFTER-WORD, perhaps with the score of the Yankees-Twins game which I will miss.


    My personal wsh was for Kerry to get angry and get a nosebleed.....

    By Blogger Tully, at October 9, 2004 at 2:16 PM  

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