Debate Observation

A fellow named Don Miller, writing opinion for the Santa Cruz Sentinel (online), did not pick a winner but observed:

Kerry was wordy. Yeah, he made sense, but he’s just tough to listen to after a few sentences.

But Kerry often did not make sense. For instance, his answer to the woman who was concerned about tax dollars funding abortions slid around everywhere, and I think he said might have said that he applauds her emotional opinion about abortion but he has to be governed by a higher power than God and people have a right to have taxpayer's money for abortions if they cannot afford them. At least that's what I think he said.

The President said of Kerry's convoluted diatribe: "I'm trying to decipher that [answer]."

The story is there in my Debate Notes, posted last night. Kerry was everywhere as he was nowhere.

[A transcript of the Bush-Kerry exchange on abortion can be found at Catholics for President George W. Bush.]


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