Daschle gets DSCC help

Tom Daschle asked the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) to run commercials for him in South Dakota despite having previously asked them to stay away and pledging to the people of South Dakota that he would not accept outside help.

DSCC spokesperson Brad Woodhouse explained that Daschle opponent "John Thune changed the rules of the game when he started attacking Tom Daschle's wife." (Daschle's wife Linda is a paid lobbyist for the airline industry.)

The truth is, Tom Daschle is in the middle of a difficult campaign against Thune in a Republican State fiercely loyal to a Republican President in an extremely contentious Presidential election. He wants millions of South Dakota Republicans who vote for the President to stop, switch sides, and decide to vote for the man who is often seen as the President's most effective opponent.

His mistake was not understanding that he would need all the help he could find.



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