Clinton speaks in Philly

Pardon the rhetoric, but dragged from his deathbed and propped up in front of a microphone, former President Bill Clinton was used by the Kerry campaign to appeal to inner-city Democrat black voters, whose turnout is crucial to JF:
Mr Clinton, who has been warned by doctors not to exert himself too much after his surgery, looked well as he walked out onto the stage in the biggest city in Pennsylvania, which is one of the key swing states that will settle the November 2 poll.

His first words on stage were "If this is not good for my heart I don't know what is."

Mr Clinton said: "From time to time, I was called the comeback kid. Well in eight days, John Kerry is going to make America the comeback country."

He said that in four years of a Bush White House, 70,000 jobs had been lost in Philadelphia compared to a growth of 200,000 jobs when the "last fella was president: me".
One could ask, "Was that Clinton or the meds talking?"

Seriously, though, Clinton cannot hurt Dem turnout.



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