Chirac Runs His Trap

  • I picked this one up from John J. Miller at NRO's The Corner blog. It seems Jacques Chirac, breaking bread in Hanoi Thursday, had some unkind things to say about Yankee imperialistic culture:
    Our American friends… say, well, countries can't provide financial backing to their own culture, literature, cinema, media, because that distorts the market. And it therefore prevents American culture—I'm using the American example but there are others—it prevents American culture from spreading normally. Following that reasoning, all forms of cultural expression would be stifled to the sole benefit of American culture.
    All I can say is: "Surrender to it, Jacques. You know you want to."


    "Surrender to it?" That's like asking a Frenchman to breathe!

    By Blogger Eric, at October 7, 2004 at 10:06 PM  

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