Cheney and Edwards are next

The Veep and John Edwards will debate next Tuesday night in Cleveland, and they'll be doing prep this weekend. DC laywer Robert Barnett, who spelled Dick Cheney in rehearsals four years ago for Joe Lieberman, will reprise his role for Edwards.
Barnett, a bespectacled lawyer who stays out of the spotlight, coached vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman and first lady-turned-Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as Al Gore in one instance this year. He also has coached, among others, Walter Mondale, Geraldine Ferraro, Michael Dukakis and Bill Clinton.

"I don't sell this service. I believe in these people," he said in a recent interview. Barnett, 54, resembles a thinner version of Republican vice presidential candidate Cheney, but he doesn't try to imitate Republicans for the debate rehearsals. He says he studies their stands on issues and argues their points.
Barnett wears a watch with Spiro Agnew's face on it.
Barnett was Bill Clinton's first Whitewater attorney, before David Kendall, and he is married to CBS News's Rita Braver.

Representative Rob Portman (D-Ohio) will be with Cheney in Jackson, Wyoming, to be Edwards during prep.



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