Carville: "Make or Break"

Make or break, do or die, James Carville has allowed his name to go on an e-mail which begs Dems to "pull out all the stops or we will live to regret it." He wants Dems, already financially troubled after paying the bulk of the tax burden for the "wealthiest 1%, to reach for their plastic and give $5-million to the DNC by midnight. This is the first of three of these "make or break" deals, so perhaps these potential contributors might consider second- or third-mortgages.

Remember, Carville says they will kick themselves for "four long years." This could be funny, actually, watching these folks walk around at airports and shopping malls with their feet slamming into their own bodies.



And we are still supposed to believe CNN's Crossfire is NOT a Democratic fund-raising telethon?

By Blogger David L, at October 8, 2004 at 3:19 PM  

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