Bush is winning the post-debate

Kerry left the President plenty of openings, and the Bush is hammering the Democrat hard:
"When our country's in danger the president's job is not to take an international poll [“global test”]. The president's job is to defend America," Bush said on campaign stops in Mansfield and Columbus.
And a new commercial highlights this.

Bob Shrum, or whomever is in charge over in Kerry-land, is running a commercial poking fun at the President grimacing when Kerry lied during the debate.

But Kerry’s fighting back:
”In fact, the only people George Bush's policies are working for are the people he chooses to help," the Massachusetts senator said. "They're working for drug companies. They're working for oil companies ... and they're certainly working for Halliburton."
That is actually pathetic. Surely the President gave him something.

Good comment to a post below:
Anyone who thinks Kerry won is invited to consider the task facing John Edwards in the debate with Dick Cheney this Tuesday. Edwards will have to defend "Global Test", nuclear fuel for the mullahs of Iran, Iraq as a "mistake" then "not a mistake" then back again as a "mistake", no research/spending on bunker-busters, etc.

What can Edwards use from the first Bush-Kerry debate? Bush's smirks and grimaces? Well, there's always Halliburton , but that nonsense isn't fooling anyone, least of all FactCheck.org ‘Kerry ad falsely accuses Cheney on Halliburton’ http://snipurl.com/9hp9.
The FactCheck.org, from Annenberg, takes care of Kerry’s lame “Halliburton” jab, as well.



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