Bob Novak fell down

According to his Thursday column, Robert Novak has fallen, and he can't get up.
In Coral Gables to cover the first Bush-Kerry debate, I had stupidly slipped on the water on the bathroom floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel and broke my hip. At this writing, I am still a patient at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables.
He's still reporting that Bush is going to cut his losses and flee Iraq early next year. As proof, he offers this: "Nobody from the administration has officially rejected my [September 20] column." (I posted a bit regarding the column last month.)

Novak further argues that the Administration is currently waging "this ugly war" to be "a war without victory."

I detect a trait Mr. Novak shares with the ABB crowd: he opposes the war in much the same way that they oppose anything the President does. No good can come of it and it will fall to bits.

Novak's sources for the initial column, he wrote, were of the "senior Administration" variety. If that be the case, why is he waiting for the Administration to reject what it told him? He was told by the Administration that they planned to quit Iraq early, he reported this, and now he feels his column is vindicated because the same Administration which told him about the plan has not rejected his reporting of what they told him. This means that his column was largely a product of faulty speculation, which I had suggested, or his sources do not exist. The ABB crowd has used sources and "facts" which do not exist and are demonstrably false.

I wish that someone would help Mr. Novak to his feet.



Isn't Novak a paleo-con (more or less?) Hence his ABBish tone?

Hey perhaps Novak will use Edwards to sue the hotel for his slip and fall. :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 8, 2004 at 1:02 PM  

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