Bob Kerry on Meet the Press

This is from the rought draft of today's Rightsided Newsletter review of the Sunday shows:

"John Kerry and Iā€¦ were changed by 9-11," Kerrey intoned. This is not was JF Kerry told the New York Times magazine, but Russert didn't push it. He did, however, suggest that Saddam Hussein would still be in power with all his weapons, etc. Kerrey said that he supported the war in Iraq ā€“ "the right thing to do" ā€“ but he objected to our troops serving as border guards. And he added that there were now 400 tons of weapons "in the hands of terrorists."

Bob Shrum, appearing on Fox News Sunday, intimated that "we don't know what happened to those weapons."

This is a problem when you have multiple surrogates speaking for a candidate with no clear positions.



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