BC04 Drops Tune

BC04 had been using the old Hall & Oates track Still the One as a campaign theme, but co-songwriter Darryl Hall had a snit.

CNN.com sez:
"I'm not just some guy that's stoned out and happened to write a song, and even if I were, it would still be a problem, because you should always ask permission to use the work," Hall said.
Yeah, man, like, you know.

Hall's 56. CNN.com referred to Darryl as "John Hall." Oates was John.

But they were pretty hot for a while, pumping out workable pop tunes. Hall wrote Still the One, ironically, for a wife he divorced.

Man, like, you know.

I'm not sure what had come over me when I wrote the above. The song was Still the One. CNN accurately reported that it was written by John Hall of the band Orleans. I saw "Hall" and thought Hall & Oates.

The David Kilmer who points out my error in the comments on this post is my brother, who will be a non-stereotypical A.B.B. voter.


I think my brother must have been asleep during the seventies. The songwriter in question *was* John Hall, and the band was Orleans. You might remember their other mega-hits, "Love Takes Time" and "Dance With Me." The whole story is sad, kind of, because the song was so appropriate for the BC04 campaign: "We're still havin' fun, and you're still the one."

By Blogger david kilmer, at October 31, 2004 at 1:38 PM  

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