Ballot flaw precludes vote for Bush

From Ballot Access News:
Error Discovered in Michigan Absentee Ballots
Michigan's ballot printer (for certain absentee ballots) erroneously printed ballots that make it impossible for the voter to vote for President Bush. Click the link to see what it looks like. The ballots will be reprinted and re-mailed.
The ballot lists the seven tickets which made it onto the Michigan ballot with spots to vote for each but the first, Bush/Cheney. Below the last, the write-in spot, there is a spot to vote for the name of the next category, "Congressional," so it was a case of misalignment. There's nothing nefarious about it, it seems, but those ballots had better be fixed.

[hat tip, Taegan Goddard, who seemed convinced last night that the President is lying. I didn't expect that from Goddard, who had always done a damn fine job of staying above the phony partisanship.]



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