Anti-Kerry Rally nixed

There was to be an anti-Kerry rally on the Capitol Steps Sunday at 2p, at which there was to be an announcement concerning JF Kerry's alleged initial Dishonorable Discharge from the Navy. He supposedly received the boot dishonorably for meeting with the Viet Cong in Paris. However, on The Pajamahadeen blog comes word that the rally "has been called off by a 'higher authority.'" Here is the announcement from SwiftVets.com, written by the same "Navy Chief" whom I reported yesterday as having said: "Yes, Kerry did receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge." This message was then removed by this NavyChief from the SwiftVets board.

They are discussing their options on the SwiftVets bb.

If there is clear and convincing proof – undisputable – that Kerry was tossed out dishonorably we'll see it. If there are any holes, they've be best keeping quiet. If the rally was called off by BC04, we have coordination.

Shouldn't 60 Minutes be all over this story? It's a much bigger story than whether or not some guard commanders were soft on a lieutenant.

As I was going to the place to post this, I noted a headline with had a Newsweek poll, post-OBL vid, leading JF by 6 points. Polls is polls.


Most likely he received a General Discharge under Other than Honorable Conditions. This could be upgraded by Carter ... a full Dishonorable Discharge couldn't.

The difference? Dishonorable Discharge occurs after a full court martial. Other than Honorable often occurs when they don't have enough evidence to fully convict, or if they want him out but aren't willing to do a high profile court martial.

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