• Thus sayeth Vlad Putin:
    But then he presented an opinion he had not publicly expressed before, saying, "The attacks of international terrorism in Iraq are directed today not only and not so much against the international coalition forces as against President Bush personally," and that terrorists have "the goal of preventing Bush's election.''

    He later said, darkly, "We must understand that in this case this will give international terrorism an added impulse in their activities, will give them additional strength and may lead to their growing activity in the various regions of the world."
    Vlad's taking the same tack as I did several months ago: the terrorists do not so much want JF Kerry to win the election, as they don't give a rat's arse about that, as they want their enemy, President Bush, to lose.

    Remember, Afghanistan's Mullah Omar wanted Clinton to be impeached so that the Arab world could get along with the U.S. This wasn't because they liked Al Gore, per se.

  • Marsha Lipman, a political analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Center, told the New York Times (same link) that it was obvious that Putin favored Bush in the U.S. Presidential electing, citing their close personal relationship: "This is the hidden message, but not very well hidden."

    This puts Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Putin so far "declared" in the President's camp. They were not among the world leaders, we can assume, who spoke to JF Kerry about his having to win.

    Or was that a mistake which he arrogantly refuses to admit, like the Mary Cheney comment?

  • Kerry pitchman Michael J. Fox stars in the latest commercial for Pennsylvania's Republican Senator Arlen Specter; in the, Fox lauds the Senator's support for "biomedical research." That is a soft way to characterize medical experiments performed on the stem cells taken from human embryos. Specter, sometimes called "Snarlin' Arlen," is pro-abort.

  • The Supreme Court Thursday demanded that the Texas three-judge panel take another look at the redistricting plan in Texas, the one the Dems argue just isn't fair because it will almost certainly give the GOP landslide control of the Texas Congressional delegation. Texas Dems are excited because their challenge is still alive, while Republicans are confident that their plan will do fine.

    The 2002 elections will be held with the map as currently drawn, i.e. – the challenged GOP districting.

  • The Yanks-Sox are 4-4 in the bottom of the 14th. Esteban Loaiza is pitching very well, which is a pleasant surprise.

    Go Yanks!


    The Yanks are going, all right...

    ...back to New York! :)

    Seriously, I don't really favor anybody in the American League but I really did enjoy the last two Sox-Yankees games. Being where we are, we were taken to the NLCS game after the Sox won, just in time to see the Astros break a 0-0 tie to win 3-0 in the bottom of the 9th. Glad I didn't sit through the boredom of 8 scoreless innings in Houston.

    On an unrelated note, I have joined the mp3 blog movement. You ought to start one if you have time. I don't know of any classical music mp3 blogs out there so maybe it could be a new niche. I'm at lestermix.blogspot.com. I just did a search and found a site that features free classical downloads at www.amclassical.com.

    Just an idea. Might be good for traffic, too.

    By Blogger Jon, at October 19, 2004 at 12:02 AM  

    Jon... I'm kind of pulling for the 'Stros because of the Rocket connection, but we first have to get past David Bleepin' Ortiz.

    Is the mp3 blog movement done through the reincarnation of the old mp3.com, or is it something else? I'd like to take a look at the classical blogs....

    By Blogger Mark Kilmer, at October 19, 2004 at 10:21 PM  

    Funny you should mention mp3.com, Mark. The old site is dead. Supposedly there's a deal at garageband.com where you can "recover your mp3.com account for free" but I haven't taken up the offer yet. Many thousands of us were disenfrancised by the demise of mp3.com.

    By Blogger Jon, at October 20, 2004 at 4:44 AM  

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