• This is from the RSN Third Debate special issue:
    The President won the debate, and I think he won it decisively. He was the President this time, and Kerry seemed to be throwing numbers in from left field.
    That was the introduction to the Debate Notes which are below this note on the weblog.

  • Here was the conclusion of the RSN:
    As the debate ended, my wife called up on the intercom for me to put on the ballgame. I figured the Yankees were in the middle of a rally, or some such, so I switched when Schieffer ended it. Michael Robinson, a former professional football player, was performing a moving rendition of God Bless America for the 7th inning stretch.

    With a firm reliance on providence, we enter the final three weeks of the Presidential campaign.
    This moved me in a way which was not per se rational, but not all things are. A sign? The twilight is no longer gleaming, and we have a long way to go until the dawn's early light, but I think I saw.

  • Anyway, the fact checkers should have a field day with that one. Assertions of face were flying around the hall like John Glenn's "fireflies" in zero grav.

  • What impressed me most was how unpresidential JF Kerry seemed throughout. He seemed to be attacking something he knew he should not, and I thought it almost sad that he had to use his closing statement to plead with us to believe him when he said that he wouldn't ask permission to defend the country. He also tried his best to defend his faith, although he seemed unsure what that faith was.

  • The Yanks lead the Sox 3-1 in the top of the eighth, two outs, and here comes Mariano Rivera. He deserves the ALCS MVP already.


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