• The "struggling Middle Class." John Edwards, though he's not one of them, feels their pain. He even uses the 9-11 imagery of "Ground Zero" while waging class warfare in Columbus.

  • The race in California's 20th electoral district (Bakersfield to Fresno) was held by Democrat 7-termer Cal Dooley, who has quit. Former State Senator Jim Costa, the Dem, was supposed to waltz on Tuesday, but the district loves the President. On President Bush's coattails, Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn has made a race of it. It's so tight that Nancy Pelosi was forced to direct the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to spend a half a million dollars on Costa's behalf.

  • Curt Schilling of the Boston Red Sox, possessor of a smashed and bleeding ankle, has recorded several messages to be delivered in automatic phone calls in Maine, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania through Tuesday. Schilling is said to have two main reasons for supporting the President: national security and the human embryonic stem cell experiments.

    The Dems countered by saying that when President Bush was the managing partner of the Texas Rangers, he opposed the Wild Card. Schillings' team, of course, was a Wild Card this year, having failed to win their division.

  • My earlier post concerning funky business involving a tribal judge and GOP election observers made it to Chris Matthews's Hardblogger on the MSNBC site. Many thanks to my friend Erick Erickson, whose blogging their with Red State.org.

  • And I'm listening to Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach, one of JS Bach's musically gifted sons. You know, it must be difficult when your father is a great composer and you want to be one as well. The young Back, while a wonderful composer, does not measure up.

    It's also tough, I imagine, when your father was President and you aspire to the same office. Among other things, though, 41 lacked 43's certainty and backbone. And the talent of his advisors.

    On a side note, C.P.E. Bach's godfather was Telemann. That means that on at the very least one occasion, J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, and Georg Philip Telemann were in the same room together. I wonder if they talked about my Pittsburgh Steelers. (They've got something going,)


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