• Steven Taylor looks at Bob Novak's column indicating that the President will be difficult to defeat Tuesday because his campaign has done a great job in solidifying his base.

    Says Dr. Taylor: "[I]f the so-called “security moms” do, in fact, exist, then it will be Bush for four more years."

  • John Lester (Lesterblog) is impressed with the job the Russians might have done, moving Saddam Hussein's weapons to Syria. With a proviso.
    It sounds like a really impressive operation they pulled off, despite the obvious moral problems.
    What is immoral to the Russians, of course, is getting caught. That's a marked improvement on the Soviet times, when it really didn't matter if they were detected doing nastiness or not.

  • The Washington Post obviously thinks the Senate race in Louisiana could determine who controls the Senate, but at the time I am typing this, we’re given only the headline:
    La. Could Decide Party Control of Senate in December.
    Helen Dewar's story is not yet on the page underneath.

    I think the South Dakota race will determine control of the Senate, in more ways than one. Like Louisiana, it's a Dem controlled seat and a possible GOP pickup.

  • I'm listening to Luigi Boccherini, but my hat's still doffed to Jars of Clay for a really great show earlier.

    Tomorrow, my new machine will be delivered, which will eliminate my last excuse. I'll have to take the leap and begin doing this blog with other software. I'm going to need help and advice, and Erickson will probably charge me $500/hour. (Kidding, Erick!)


    I think maybe the Russians were trying to save face more than weaken the allied effort. Whatever the case was then, it was definitely before the Breslan incident brought about some changes in Russian foreign policy.

    By Blogger Jon, at October 28, 2004 at 11:32 PM  

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