• The Senate voted Wednesday, 96-2, to create a national counterterrorism center and a national intelligence director.

    The bill was S. 2845. Voting nay were Senators Bob Byrd (D-West Virginia) and Fritz Hollings (D-South Carolina), both of whom have aging brains. Not voting, of course, were Kerry and Edwards. This was arguably the most important legislation of the year.

    The House is to take this up later this week.

  • We've known that the inspectors would find no weapons in Iraq. That conclusion was all-but-in ages ago, and now we see how simple it would have been for Saddam Hussein to remain in power. Just let Blix traipse around and look for the stuff. The national sovereignty issue was moot, as Saddam had to sign that treaty in 1991 in order to keep the allies out of Baghdad.

  • NASTY AND FALSE INTERNET RUMOR: CBS is considering moving its Evening News to an overnight slot and running half an hour of CSI from 6:30 – 7:00 PM.

  • The Yankees and Twins are tied, 5-5, in the… 12th inning. I've listened to no music since some after dinner Rossini. Tanyon Sturtze has turned into a damn good pitcher, as he sails through the extra-innings… Torri Hunter just homered off Sturtze – spoke too soon – for the Twins 6th run. This is not good, and if I didn't have the network "fact checkers" upon whom to vent my wrath, I might break something. Perhaps a leg.


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