• Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld met with the defense ministers from 18 coalition countries on Saturday aboard the carrier USS John F. Kennedy. Rumsfeld and General George Casey, the US commander in Iraq, spoke to the ministers, the latter via satellite.

    Joe Biden likes summits, which is why JF Kerry digs summits. I wonder if they approve, or if those who are working to make Iraq succeed care what those two think.

  • They're voting in Afghanistan. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was quoted:
    Karzai, 46, cast his vote under heavy security at the former prime ministerial compound in Kabul, Agence France-Presse reported. ``If I win or someone else, the main winner will be the Afghan nation,'' AFP quoted him as saying.
    Fifteen of Karzai's opponents, the New Zealand press emphasized evidently withdrew from contention because the indelible ink marking the fingers of voters could actually be rubbed off, allowing for multiple votes.

    Democracy is on the move, as the President said. And the ABB crowd will be quick to point out that the $3.5-billion pipeline to carry oil from Turkmenistan to Pakistan via Afghanistan can now go forward. "Bush, cronies, big oil, Halliburton, maaan." (We know the spiel.) It's progress.

  • The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has endorsed candidate JF Kerry, and they are trying to wear airs. They cite Kerry's "superior intellectual curiousity" as one of their main reasons for backing the Dem. They do not understand the concept. Kerry is probably the least intellectually curious candidate to run in a US Presidential election since Gerald Ford. Bush, on the other hand, has fully grasped the war on terror in all its aspects and each of its goals. He imagines repressed nations turning toward Democracy because of the allure of capitalism. Kerry can't think past "arrest all the terrorist, find Osama bin Laden, and punish the guys who hurt us on 9-11." There is nothing intellectual about a mind that thinks vengeance and cannot form the requisite concepts to grasp the situation and its implications.

    Don't confuse a man who is capable of contradicting himself four times in one sentence without even hinting at the noumena with a reasonable intellect.

  • The ALCS will be another rematch: Yankees vrs. Red Stockings. The Sox earned their ticket Friday, and New York beat Minnesota Saturday, 6-5 in 11. The Yankes were losing 5-1 going into the 8th, when they scored 4 runs to tie. In the 11th, Alex Rodriguez stole third and scored on a wild pitch, and Mariano Rivera came in and turned out the lights.

    The Yankees victory occurred, as I've been fond of repeating, at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis.

    Yanks-Sox, Tuesday evening at the Stadium. It will probably be Mussina vrs. Schilling.

  • I'm listening to Percy Grainger in honor of Australian Prime Minister John Howard's electoral victory today. Although Grainger has sometimes been listed as an American composer, he was born in Australia and has also been listed as an Australian composer. He wrote a lot of great songs.


    Oh boy, look at this trifecta!

    a) A coalitionb) A summit
    c) Look at the name of the boat...
    (Karl Rove is such the evil schemer)

    By Blogger jaws, at October 10, 2004 at 12:18 AM  

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