• Says President Bush
    "Our goal is not to reduce terror to some acceptable level of nuisance,'' Bush said. ``Our goal is to defeat terror by staying on the offensive, destroying terrorist networks and spreading freedom and liberty around the world.''
    JF says he was quoted out of context. He was not, and I don't know that Kerry's people could nuance that one.

    Perhaps by he meant that his plan would reduce the capabilities of the terrorists to pelting people with Nerf balls and giving them wedgies at shopping malls. In that case, terrorism would be a nuisance. The problem is that gambling and prostitution are considered to be vices. Would terrorism, under the Kerry plan, also be a vice?

  • Taegan Goddard linked yesterday links a site -- 2.004k.com -- that updates its electoral forecast every hour as the polls are fed into different outcome simulations. It also does an overall pick based on the latest polls, and right now – election were held today – they have JF snagging 275 electoral votes to the President's 259. (4 timed)

    Yay, Kerry! Go, fight, win, etc.!

    But Scott Ellis's(Election Projection) latest has the President taking 274 to JF's 264.

    And CBS News is now calling the race for Al Gore.

  • Friday night, JF Kerry accused President Bush of owning a timber company and receiving $84 for it, and the President said that was news to him. According to FactCheck.org, the President is in fact "own part interest in LSTF, LLC', a limited-liability company organized 'for the purpose of the production of trees for commercial sales.'" So he owns part of such a company, but the web site also reports that the $84 referenced by JF actually came from an oil and gas production business, the Lone Star Trust. The trust now owns half of the tree company, but it did not until two years after the President received the $84.

    You know, my own finances are somewhat simpler than all that.

  • Look for Wednesday night's debate to receive the lowest ratings of any of the previous ones, including the Cheney vrs. Edwards affair. The debates have been programmed and dull, and the media analysis has been inane and mundane, their reporting stilted.

    So far, the President lost the first debate and won the second; Kerry was there just to fit into the other category.

    The Yankees vrs, the Sox at the Stadium, game two is Wednesday night.

  • I am listening to the Hungarian Dances dances of Franz Liszt. The King of the Piano. (The king is dead, long live the king.)


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